The Hot Toddy


During the winter there is nothing better then a Hot Toddy on a cold winter day. 

What I love about it is not only the warming quality but the fact that you can make it with any aged spirit that suits your fancy. The Hot Toddy works with Aged Rum, Cognac & Whisky (Rye, Bourbon, Irish or Scotch) .   It is also perfect for when I am feeling under the weather. 

The mugs that you served the drink in are also fun to play with.  For holidays this is a great time to break out those the fun holiday mugs that you usually only reserve for family. Use them  to welcome guest when they enter your home and help them ward off the chill. 

My Hot Toddy Recipe is as follows:

Step 1:  I fill a mug about 3/4 of the way with hot water
Step 2: add in one black tea bag (optional) ( let that steep for about 1 minute and then discard), Step 3: add in 3/4 oz honey syrup
Step 4: add 1/4 oz lemon juice
Step 5: add in 2 oz Old Duff Genever single malt, and a lemon twist peppered with cloves.
Step 6L Stir all the ingredients together,enjoy and stay warm!

 * if you are under the weather replace the honey syrup with ginger syrup.