One Drink January -The Martini

In January , many folks try out "Dry January", my husband included.  I have tried this several times and hated it. I love to drink! But I don't always drink mindfully and this is something that I would like to change.  So for the month of January, I am testing out "One Drink January".  This way if I have a drink,  it would e one that I really wanted and would enjoy. 

Day 1  The Martini

The Gin Martini is one of my favorite cocktails. My husband and I usually start every dinner with a Gin martini, typically made with Tanqueray Gin, Dry Vermouth 4:1 ratio stirred and zested with this of lemon.  To be honest most of the time they are terrible, the staff at our local places usually over pour the gin and under pour the vermouth but we drink them anyway.

Now if I am making them at home, I prefer my martini's a little lower in alcohol so I up my dry vermouth and lower the Gin with a few dashes of citrus bitters (orange or grapefruit preferred)

If available, my favorite gin is Tanqueray Ten ( a delicious balance of juniper, grapefruit and chamomile) but overall I prefer Gins with good balance of juniper, citrus and a slight hint of herbs to keep things interesting.  

The second most important ingredient in the martini is the Vermouth. They can vary in flavor from floral, to herbaceous to citrus forward. The key is to pair the right gin with the right vermouth to make a delicious combination. *note Vermouth is wine based and should be kept in the fridge, once opened you should finish the bottle within 3 weeks. 

For day 1 of #onedrinkjanuary my martini is the following:  

3 dashes of scrappy’s grapefruit bitters
2 oz Nousiason Gin
1 oz La Quintinyne Dry Vermouth
stirred and garnished with a twist