Favorite Classic Cocktails

I believe that cocktails should be yummy, served in elegant glassware and created using proper technique,
quality made spirits and fresh ingredients.  In order to create great drinks, one most first master the classics. 

Bulleit Old Fashion.jpg

Old Fashion

.25 oz simple syrup
4 dashes of Angostura Bitters
4 dashes of Orange bitters
2.5 oz of Bourbon

Prep: In a mixing glass add ice, simple syrup, bitters then Bourbon, stir to chill and add dilution. Strain into a rocks glass filled with 1 large cube, garnish with orange twist and a cherry.

moscow mule .jpg


 2 oz Vodka
.3 oz Ginger Beer
Juice of half of lime

Prep: Pour vodka, followed by the ginger beer and a squeezed of lime into a highball or Moscow mule mug filled with ice.  Gently stir to mix ingredients, garnish with candied ginger or lime wedge.  *note if Ginger beer is not sweet enough for your taste, add in a splash of simple syrup.



cocktails image.jpg

MANHATTAN * Dead Rabbit version
2 oz Rye Whisky
.5 oz Orange Curacao
.5 oz Sweet Vermouth
3 dashes of absinthe

Prep: Pour each of the ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir to add dilution and chill. Strain into coup glass and garnish with a Luxardo cherry.


Pimms Cup Pottery barn .jpg

Pimms Cup

2 oz Pimms No. 1
3 oz Spirits and or Ginger ale
Strawberry hulled
Orange Slice
Lemon Slice
Mint leaves

Prepfirst add all the ingredients to a highball glass filled with ice and stir to combine. 

Garnish: with cucumber, strawberry, orange, lemon slice and sprig of mint 


50/50 Gin martin

1.5 oz London dry gin
1.5 oz Dry Vermouth
3 drops of orange bitters

Prep: Pour the ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice, stir to chill
Garnish: with a twist of lemon




.5 oz Agave nectar
.5 oz Cointreau
1 oz Fresh lime juice
2 oz 100% blue agave blanco tequila

Prep: Pour in each of the ingredients into a shaker tin, add ice, seal tin and shake to chill. Double strain into rocks glass filled with ice

Garnish: with a lime wedge.