Brand Advocacy 

360º Approach to your Brand Advocacy needs. 

360º Approach to your Brand Advocacy needs. 



At Duff on the Rocks we believe in delivering a 360º solution to your Brand Ambassador program. We start by providing our clients with a clear market strategy that determines where, when and how to activate within the market.  Followed by a step by step approach on how to develop, managed and evaluate their advocacy program to optimize success.  To those ends we focus on ensuring that your program achieves the following:

  • Ambassadors: educated - empowered & valued

  • Accounts: become partners -- informed & supported

  • Marketing: connected - in touch with consumer and industry trends and ready to inspire & innovate

  • Brands: grow - sales increased and market share expanded

  • Sales team: become inspired - committed & dependable

  • Consumers: turn into loyalist - brand advocates & devotees

Training Program:   

We have all heard the expression "You only have one chance to make a first impression".  The industry is full of stories of former bartenders being hired as Brand Ambassadors but given no formal training.  At best they are provided with a brief training on the brand, a how to, on how to do their expenses and reporting and some unrealistic KPI's, then off to the streets you go i.e. SOUND FAMILIAR?  To be great, an Ambassador needs to be empowered with the knowledge of how and when to engage with their accounts, understand the inner workings of the Distributor, pricing plans etc., comprehend the goals and strategies of the Marketing team and much more.  

We work with your new hires to your seasoned professionals, to deliver a training program catered to your brand advocacy program's specific needs. Each training will help to prepare your ambassadors for success within the market from day one.  We will provide them with the keys tools & knowledge needed to hit the ground running, advance in their roles, develop the skills needed to become an invaluable asset to the marketing team, so brand teams can deliver on-target brand plans, prove advocacy program ROI and reduce turnover.