We deliver streamlined on-trade strategies, that provide a brand with the tools necessary to maximize impact when activating within a market.  We strive to deliver to tools that will drive sales & amplify brand awareness. 
We accomplish this by guiding brands to activate within the right accounts in the right way, strategic experiential partnerships and platforms, and impactful educational programs for the consumer, trade and sales to drive on premise presence, loyalty and sales.


Product and Cocktail Development



From concept to in-market launch, we help you bring your product to market by providing insight on pricing, consulting on package & design, professional tastings & notes, as well as the cocktails that will help deliver your liquid to their lips.  


Brand Advocacy 

360º Approach to your Brand Advocacy needs. 

360º Approach to your Brand Advocacy needs. 



At Duff on the Rocks we believe in delivering a 360º solution to your Brand Ambassador program. We start by providing our clients with a clear market strategy that determines where, when and how to activate within the market.  Followed by a step by step approach on how to develop, managed and evaluate their advocacy program to optimize success.  To those ends we focus on ensuring that your program achieves the following:

  • Ambassadors: educated - empowered & valued

  • Accounts: become partners -- informed & supported

  • Marketing: connected - in touch with consumer and industry trends and ready to inspire & innovate

  • Brands: grow - sales increased and market share expanded

  • Sales team: become inspired - committed & dependable

  • Consumers: turn into loyalist - brand advocates & devotees

Training Program:   

We have all heard the expression "You only have one chance to make a first impression".  The industry is full of stories of former bartenders being hired as Brand Ambassadors but given no formal training.  At best they are provided with a brief training on the brand, a how to, on how to do their expenses and reporting and some unrealistic KPI's, then off to the streets you go i.e. SOUND FAMILIAR?  To be great, an Ambassador needs to be empowered with the knowledge of how and when to engage with their accounts, understand the inner workings of the Distributor, pricing plans etc., comprehend the goals and strategies of the Marketing team and much more.  

We work with your new hires to your seasoned professionals, to deliver a training program catered to your brand advocacy program's specific needs. Each training will help to prepare your ambassadors for success within the market from day one.  We will provide them with the keys tools & knowledge needed to hit the ground running, advance in their roles, develop the skills needed to become an invaluable asset to the marketing team, so brand teams can deliver on-target brand plans, prove advocacy program ROI and reduce turnover.




Experiential Events

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From ideation, to concept development, we deliver innovative events that are scaleable, educational and impactful. We believe that every event should be memorable, with the sole mission of converting attendees from event participants into brand consumers. 






Despite a jet-set lifestyle that can have her styling cocktails in Hawaii one day, and filming for national TV the next,  Elayne Duff's first love is talking craft cocktails with bartenders, bar managers and owners.

 As Diageo's first-ever luxury mixologist, Elayne has worked with celebrities such as P. Diddy, worked as an expert mixologist on the global famed show "Bar Rescue",  created and executed the wildly successful Delta Airlines Elite programs for onboard and in-lounge mixology, which reflected Elayne's passion for classic recipes, fresh ingredients and luxury brands. During her career at Diageo Elayne designed seasonal cocktails for top Manhattan bars, consulted on new projects such as Pottery Barn's new mixology section, evaluated liquid samples for new brands & line extensions, trained bartenders and distributors in Diageo's Fifth Avenue training bar, researching seminar topics and keeping up to date on mixology trends all around the world.

Duff on the Rocks is available for hire to:

  • Develop cocktail recipes
  • Consult on bar tools and barware
  • Act as a brand spokesperson
  • Video work
  • Develop cocktail menus 
  • Train restaurant and bar staff
  • Train Distributor sales reps. 




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If you are bar, a business or just cocktail enthusiast, Duff on the Rocks can design a cocktail or spirits education class catered to your needs. Do you need your bar team to step up their skillset, so you can heighten the standards of the guest experience in your venue. Or maybe your a corporation looking for a fun team building exercise or your cocktail enthusiast  looking for a fun event to engage with friends. At Duff on the Rocks we custom tailor our classes to fit your needs, while making them extremely fun & educational. 


Looking for fun afternoon of imbibing with friends while learning a very valuable new skill. Duff on the Rocks will be hosting a series of hands on Pop Cocktail classes in NYC.  Each month their will be a different theme, new cocktails and a new skill to learn.  Check out the schedule to find out when the next class will be and what you will be learning this month. 


What better way to bond with your fellow co worker, then learning a fun new skill as a team. When it comes to cocktails most of us are novices but we all enjoy them on a equal level.  Elayne Duff will organize a fun hands on cocktail course that will have your team shaking, stirring and bonding in no time. 


Check out the calendar below to find out when Elayne's next pop cocktail class or webinar will be held.